Sharon & Rick Harb

I have served as a Managing Director/Owner in a successful real estate development and property management company with six affiliated companies, 300 plus employees and an interest in more than 10,000 apartments and 1 billion in land and apartment assets.

I have dealt directly with national, regional and local banks across the country. My dealings with these banks have included equity participation, traditional loans and mortgages, lines of credit, as well as receivership work on behalf of these lending institutions. I have also utilized many of these institutions for my own personal banking needs and have witnessed the best of the best and the worst of the worst!

However, in all my dealings, I have never encountered a more fiscally solid or intelligently run bank than FineMark National Bank & Trust in Ft. Myers, Florida.

FineMark’s President & CEO, Joe Catti, heads up a group of talented, smart and savvy business men and women who have delivered a level of legendary client service that I have not seen even remotely anywhere else in the banking industry.

My initial dealings with Joe arose because of the complexity of my personal tax returns and the many partnerships where I have an ownership interest. The national lending institution that had initially been recommended tied my accountant and me up for three weeks in red tape with no firm commitment. The sad fact was they simply did not have the capability to deal with complex partnerships and tax returns.

I received the recommendation of Joe Catti and FineMark Bank and scheduled an appointment with Joe on a Tuesday morning at 9:00 am. Joe and I met for an hour, discussed my assets, liability, tax returns, guarantees, etc. and he told me I would have an answer by the end of the day.

I knew within the first 15 minutes that Joe knew the right questions to ask and true to his word, I had a phone call with his approval by 2 pm the same day! From that moment, almost two years ago, the level of responsiveness, customer service, flexibility and personal attention at each level of the bank has been astounding.

I recommend FineMark National Bank & Trust to everyone I meet because of their legendary culture of client service, their flexibility in meeting the personal needs of their clients and their common sense approach to lending which is all but lost in today’s environment of oversight and over-regulation.