Artwork Featured at Bonita Springs


Caitlin O'Rourke UNTITLED
Caroline Eastwood THE CIRCUS
Caroline Eastwood UNTITLED
Emerald Hess UNTITLED
Emily Petrollini UNTITLED
Jason Devine UNTITLED
Jenna Olbekson UNTITLED
Jennifer Hemstreet UNTITLED
Joey Silverain UNTITLED
Natalie Mankin PORTRAITS
Rebecca Messenger UNTITLED
Shane Antalick UNTITLED

Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts Visual Arts students would like to thank FineMark Bank for featuring their artwork. The exhibit is a collection of mostly recently graduated High School Senior work. These students studied various art forms and techniques at the Center for the Arts for the past four years. They have had the opportunity to create, judge, mat, frame, hang, light, and produce shows in the gallery located at the Center. Many of the students will be continuing to study art in college.

Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts was established in 1994 and was one of the first Fine and Performing Arts High Schools in the State of Florida. The students audition to get into the Center and attend a rigorous arts program maintaining a high degree of successful production and achievement. The students exhibiting in the FineMark Bank show received many scholarships including, the Community Foundation’s Bruce Gora’s Photography Scholarship and the Ft. Myers Beach Art Association Scholarships.