FineMark's Surcharge-Free ATMs


With a FineMark debit card, you have access to surcharge-free ATMs! FineMark is a member of the Allpoint and Presto! Networks, giving clients access to more than 50,000 surcharge free ATM’s in the United States and around the world.

You will find Allpoint ATMs at convenient nationwide retailers like Costco, Target, Safeway, Walgreens, CVS and Seven-Eleven. Allpoint provides an ATM locator mobile app for your BlackBerry, iPhone or Android Phone.

In addition to Allpoint, FineMark also is a member of the Presto Network, with ATM’s located in every Publix Grocery Store.

Surcharge-Free ATM Facts:

  1. ATM’s must have the Allpoint or Presto! logo to be considered Surcharge-Free
  2. You will not be charged a fee at ATMs that have an Allpoint or Presto! logo -- even if a "fee screen" is displayed
  3. Any Debit Card with a personal or business checking account at FineMark can use the ATMs Surcharge-Free
  4. HSA Accounts with debit cards are not included