Athletes Division

In April 2012, Highmark Sports Management (HSM) merged with FineMark National Bank & Trust.

HSM is run by its founder David A. Highmark. Highmark also serves as President of FineMark National Bank & Trust, Arizona.

HSM provides highly personalized business management services to professional athletes. The primary goal at HSM is to preserve capital and ensure our client athletes maintain the high quality lifestyles they’ve worked to attain throughout their careers. HSM accomplishes this by overseeing their financial plans while offering objective, responsible advice related to banking, estate planning, asset management and insurance review. Our professionals will assist wherever and whenever needed.

Capital Preservation
Professional athletes never really know how long their careers will last, which is why capital preservation is critical. The primary goal of our investment strategy is to preserve what is made during an athlete’s playing years and to prevent major losses in a portfolio. We believe risk can be successfully mitigated by a long-term, well diversified strategy.

Make a Plan: Saving Now Pays off Later
HSM professionals work with our client athletes to craft a financial plan that will result in retirement income for life. Since this requires adhering to a plan of maximizing savings during the athlete’s professional career, we meet frequently with our clients to ensure these goals are being met.

Minimize Debt
One way to help ensure our athletes maintain the lifestyles they want in retirement, is to be debt-free when their professional careers end. This means while athletes are making their largest paychecks, they should also be making their largest loan payments. We structure loans for aggressive repayment, to help ensure a debt-free retirement.

HSM empowers client athletes by making them a part of planning their financial future. We want them to know what fees they are paying and why. We want our athlete’s to know what’s happening with their money and we want them involved in the process. The more our clients understand what we are doing, the better we can serve them.

Our philosophy is simple: Do the right thing. At HSM, we are committed to working in the athlete’s best interest and to providing accountability and transparency throughout the planning process. We will strive to make the best financial decisions for each athlete’s unique situation. Our clients come first and we will always do what is right by them.

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