FineMark offers a holistic approach to investment management by first considering your goals, needs and resources. We guide you through a disciplined process of gathering information, planning strategies and anticipating events before implementing a solution uniquely designed for you. During this process, we strive to uphold several fundamental investment philosophies pertaining to risk management, asset allocation, tax efficiency and tactical decisions.

Risk Management
FineMark attempts to preserve principle and provide a reasonable rate of return, without taking unnecessary risk. At the same time, we strive to generate the highest possible return for a given level of risk. We understand overall market risk potentially poses the greatest amount of uncertainty to your portfolio and can be mitigated by a long-term, well diversified asset allocation strategy.

Asset Allocation
Our asset allocation strategies are sophisticated and customized to fit your investment objective, risk tolerance, and time horizon. We personalize your strategy by getting to know you and your financial goals. Our asset allocation strategies provide diversification and include comprehensive investment vehicles that allow us to navigate through various market cycles. This provides the best opportunity to achieve your long-term objectives with most portfolios strategically balanced between equity, fixed income and alternative investments.

Tax Efficiency
FineMark understands the benefits that a tax efficient portfolio can provide for our clients and we make calculated investment decisions to maximize tax efficiency within your portfolio.

Tactical Decisions
FineMark not only makes strategic investment decisions but also, incorporates tactical decisions into the investment process. Being highly aware of external market factors allows us to take advantage of favorable market conditions in a given area and proactively make adjustments to your portfolio structure when opportunities arise. We address these issues to reduce risk and enhance portfolio returns.

The financial professionals at FineMark National Bank & Trust believe by successfully incorporating these four components into our overall investment philosophy, we will continue to bring added value to your portfolio and in turn, further enrich our relationship.

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