Trust & Estate

Entrusting your family’s well-being to a qualified and experienced professional is one of the most important gifts you can give them. At FineMark National Bank & Trust, we have extensive fiduciary experience and the independence to make the right decisions for you and your family. We offer personal trust management services with the ability to act as a Trustee, Agent, Guardian and Personal Representative, taking an unbiased approach to making sure your wishes are executed as they are intended to be.

Types of Trusts
Revocable (Inter Vivos), Irrevocable, Individual Retirement Account, Testamentary (Under Will), Qualified Retirement Plan, Charitable, Advanced Planning, Insurance, Special Needs

Trust Internet Banking
Trust and Investment clients have internet access through Portfolio Online to view their account.

Fiduciary Roles
Trustee, Agent, Guardian, Attorney in Fact, Personal Representative

Estate Planning
We will work with you and your legal advisors to ensure your wealth is distributed exactly according to your wishes. In order to help you articulate your desires for your estate plan and the future of your assets, we take time to get to know you and your family. When it is time to sit down with an attorney and put your desires in writing, your estate plan will be designed according to your specific requests.

Estate Plan & Tax Review
It is important to make sure your estate planning documents are reviewed periodically, especially if you have experienced any life changing events with family, finances, or health situations. Our professionals will help make sure everything in your estate plan is up to date and in alignment with your current situation and wishes. We will also advise you of tax law changes that could impact your plans.

Charitable Gift Planning
There are many different ways to accomplish your charitable intent. Learn about charitable trusts, donor advised funds, gift annuities and outright gifting opportunities. We will work with you to determine how one of these or a combination may fit into your plans.

Retirement Planning
You have worked and saved your entire adult life, but how do you know when it is the right time to retire? How much income will you need? What steps should be taken now to ensure the lifestyle you want when you stop working? With your team of legal and tax advisors, our professionals will help you answer these questions and guide you so that you can retire with confidence.

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