Wealth Structuring

We believe the best wealth management plans integrate all aspects of our clients’ wealth. From utilizing cash flow, to managing portfolios, to implementing wealth transfer strategies, the professionals at FineMark work together to create a comprehensive plan designed to ensure your financial future and your legacy for generations to come.

Banking Solutions Planning
FineMark builds a strong foundation for clients with traditional banking services. We take time to analyze each client’s financial goals and then suggest banking solutions that best meet their needs and desires.

FineMark takes a tailored approach to investing by taking you through a process of establishing goals, gathering information, planning strategies, recommending solutions, implementing the plan and monitoring its growth. FineMark’s focus is on you and giving you the attention your financial situation deserves.

Trust & Estate Planning
FineMark offers individual and corporate trust management services with the ability to act as a Trustee, Agent, Guardian and Personal Representative, taking an unbiased approached to making sure your wishes are executed as you intended them to be.

Retirement Planning
We work with you and your team of legal and tax advisors to plan, implement, and monitor your retirement finances to ensure you can maintain the lifestyle you want and deserve throughout your retirement years. Our team of professionals has access to resources designed to help you now and in the future. 

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