Alerts for your Debit Card

FineMark makes it simple to monitor your accounts via email or text message. You can decide what alerts are important to you and when you receive them.

Alerts for your Debit Card

Keeping track of your money has never been easier with FineMark’s Alerts for Debit Cards. Convenient e-mail or text message alerts provide transaction and account information and can also help you prevent fraud. If a suspicious transaction appears, you will be alerted immediately. The service is free and you can customize the debit card alerts you want to receive.

Debit Card Alerts Available For:

  • Funds Added Signature Transactions
  • Funds Removed Declined Transactions
  • Suspected Fraud High Risk Transactions
  • Card Status Change
  • Signature Transactions
  • Declined Transactions
  • High Risk Transactions

To have alerts set up on your Debit Card Account, give us a call.