Android Fingerprint ID Now Available for FineMark’s Mobile Banking App

FineMark National Bank & Trust updated its Mobile Banking App for Android mobile users. If you have a compatible Android device with Fingerprint ID enabled, you can log onto the Mobile Banking App with your fingerprint.

To use Android Fingerprint you’ll need:

  • A compatible device and operating system
  • The latest version of the FineMark Mobile Banking App

Depending on your phone settings, the updates may download automatically, or if you do not have auto-updates set up, you will need to visit the App Store or Google Play to update.

Enable Android Fingerprint by following these steps:

  1. In your phone device settings, make sure you’ve set up Fingerprint ID.
  2. Open the FineMark Mobile Banking App, then enter in your Username and Password and follow the prompt to enable Fingerprint ID.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm your fingerprint. Click Let’s Go to continue.
  4. In the ‘Settings’ you will be promoted to set up Quick Access to confirm and enable your Fingerprint ID to access your accounts.
  5. Now you can use Fingerprint ID to log on to the app.

Screenshots of the new features are below:

Android Fingerprint Setup