Change in FineMark Credit Card Provider

FineMark recently made the decision to change the service provider it uses to issue and process credit cards.

Change in FineMark Credit Card Provider

Dear Client:

FineMark National Bank & Trust recently made the decision to change the service provider it uses to issue and process credit cards. These services are currently provided through a contractual agreement between FineMark and TIB. Over the next 90 days, we will transition from TIB to a new provider, BBVA Compass. We made this decision to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service.

As a FineMark client, you have the choice to remain with TIB or make the change with FineMark. If you make the change, a new FineMark card will be issued to you offering the following added benefits:

  • Introductory rates of 0% APR for 6 months on purchases
  • A Cash Back program that offers 1% of net credit card purchases for prior year
  • Client service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • MasterCard extended warranty benefits
  • Easy online access with bill pay, transaction history and statements.

FineMark National Bank & Trust will continue to provide support services to you with the new card. However, if you opt to stay with TIB, FineMark will no longer be able to support your account once the transition is complete.

Enclosed is a fact sheet, to help answer some of your questions and a brochure on the new card. If you would like to change to our new credit card provider, or if you have questions regarding your existing TIB account, please call us and we will assist in any way possible.

Thank you,
Joseph R. Catti
President & CEO
FineMark National Bank & Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m ready to make the change, what do I do now?
Answer: The first step is to contact us and we will take care of everything for you.

Question: Is there a cost to making the change?
Answer: No, there is no charge to make the change.

Question: If I make the change, will my credit be affected?
Answer: We will need to obtain an updated credit report and that will result in an inquiry being reported to the bureau. Inquiries can affect your overall credit score, but it only becomes an issue if you have had an excessive amount of recent inquiries.

Question: If I make the change, what will happen to the points on my TIB card?
Answer: The points will remain on the TIB account until it is closed. You can keep your old account with TIB open until you have used the points or you can use the points immediately and then close the account. Points will be forfeited if you close the account.

Question: What will happen if I don’t make the change and stay with TIB?
Answer: If you don’t make the change, you will continue using your current card; however, TIB may send a replacement card without the FineMark Logo.

Question: If I stay with TIB, whom will I call if I need help on my account?
Answer: Regrettably, once the transition is complete, FineMark will no longer be able to obtain information from TIB about your account. Therefore, you will need to contact TIB directly for assistance at 1-800-367-7576.