Go Paperless!

Since the start of the computer age, businesses have been going paperless to save time, space, and money. It's also easier to stay organized and there's less impact on the environment. Learn about the benefits of switching over to online statements.

Go Paperless!

The Benefits of Online Statements:

Online statements are a convenient and secure way to receive account information. Removing printed statements from your mailbox helps limit the risk of identity theft. When you go paperless, no one can access your account information by intercepting your mail or going through your recycling. According to Consumer Reports, “Online financial transactions can be safer than paper because information is encrypted, and thieves more commonly obtain personal data through low-tech methods like ‘dumpster diving’ and stolen physical property.”

Electronic financial statements contain the very same information as paper statements, but there are a number of benefits to getting your statements electronically, such as:

  • Easy access. Most institutions make past statements available online, so you can access them at any time.
  • Account activity review. E-statements make it easy to review your account history and transactions for multiple accounts.
  • Cleaner and greener. Online statements eliminate the need to store or shred stacks of paper. Going paperless is a great way to get organized and reduce your impact on the environment; however, it’s not for everyone. Only move towards paperless when you feel comfortable doing so and feel confident in your online abilities to keep up with your records.
  • Improved security. You limit the risk of identity theft if your statements are not left in a mailbox or recycling bin. However, your online statements are only secure if your are using difficult passwords and logging in on a personal computer that is not connected to a public WiFi network.

If you have questions about going paperless on your FineMark accounts, give us a call or stop by one of our locations today. We are always happy to answer questions or help you with any of your needs.