FineMark Sports Management

FineMark Sports Management provides highly personalized business management services to nearly 200 professional athletes.

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Our Approach

As with all of our clients, our primary goal is to preserve your capital and ensure you’re able to maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve. We take a collaborative, concierge approach, ensuring you’re involved and know exactly what’s happening with your money at all times.

We start by getting to know you and understanding your values. Working alongside you, we’ll devise and oversee your financial plan, and offer objective advice related to banking, estate planning, asset management and insurance review. Now and in the future, our professionals are ready to assist you anytime and anywhere.

Capital Preservation

Professional athletes and others who work in the public eye face unique challenges. At FineMark, we understand that capital preservation is critical, particularly when the length of a professional career can be unpredictable. Our investment strategy is designed to preserve earnings made during your “playing” years and prevent major losses from occurring within your portfolio.

Debt Elimination

Your quality of life today—and in retirement—matters. We’ll ensure you maintain that lifestyle by helping you become debt-free while you’re still earning your largest paychecks. We’ll structure loans for aggressive repayment, making sure your debts are paid off when your professional career ends.

Financial Planning

A strong financial plan provides the foundation for your financial life in one complete picture. It’s a game plan created to help you manage your money and protect your assets now and in retirement. As we develop your plan together, we’ll also create a cash flow analysis that allocates after-tax income to expenses, debt repayment, savings and investments. With these resources in place, you’ll have everything you need to move forward confidently through every stage of your life.

Meet Dave Highmark

Executive Vice President, President & Chief Executive Officer
FineMark National Bank & Trust (Arizona)
President, FineMark Sports Management

FineMark Sports Management is led by Dave Highmark. Dave has worked with professional athletes throughout his career with large financial institutions and as president of his own sports management company. Along with the FineMark team, Dave is dedicated to always doing what is right for you—providing accountability and transparency at all times—while acting in your best interests.

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