Sports Management

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FineMark Sports Management provides highly personalized business management services to professional athletes. We currently work with nearly 200 athletes along with a number of coaches and executives. Our primary goal is to preserve capital and ensure our clients maintain the high quality lifestyle they’ve worked hard to achieve. We accomplish this by overseeing their financial plan and offering objective advice related to banking, estate planning, asset management and insurance review. Our professionals will assist wherever and whenever needed.

Capital Preservation

Capital Preservation is critical when you don’t know how long your career will last. The primary goal of our investment strategy is to preserve what is made during an athlete’s playing years and to prevent major losses in a portfolio.

Financial Planning

A Financial Plan should provide the foundation for your financial life in one complete picture. It’s the game plan to help you manage money and protect your assets now and in retirement. As we develop a plan together, we will also establish a cash flow analysis that allocates after-tax income to expenses, debt repayment, savings and investments.

Minimize Debt

You can help ensure the lifestyle you want in retirement by being debt-free when your professional career ends. This means while athletes are making their largest paychecks, they should also be making their largest loan payments. We structure loans for aggressive repayment, to help ensure a debt-free retirement.


FineMark encourages our clients to be a part of planning their financial future. We want you to know what’s happening with your money and we want you involved in the process. The more our clients understand what we are doing, the better we can serve them.

Meet a Few of Our Clients

  • We have the utmost trust and confidence in FineMark.

    We have the utmost trust and confidence in FineMark.

    Justin Sands and Bethanie Mattek-Sands
    Professional Tennis Player

    “My job requires me to travel around the world for the majority of the year. Consequently, we need to rely on professionals who can handle our affairs back home while we’re gone. We have the utmost trust and confidence in our teammates at FineMark to handle these responsibilities.”

  • I trust FineMark with all my needs.

    I trust FineMark with all my needs.

    Bronson Arroyo
    Professional Baseball Player

    “I am so happy to have met Dave from FineMark Sports Management early in my professional career, before any large contracts were signed. He always does what is absolutely best for me. Dave and the team at FineMark are available 24/7 for all of my needs, financial and beyond. I trust them completely.”

  • FineMark is an integral part of our team.

    FineMark is an integral part of our team.

    Sally & Hale Irwin
    Hall of Fame Golfer

    “Sally and I have had the good fortune to associate ourselves with a great team of trusted advisors over the years. FineMark is an integral part of that team. We are not just clients, we are also shareholders and feel very much part of the FineMark family.”