Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Our vision, mission and values were built on one clear aspiration: to create a company with like-minded individuals—people who share an entrepreneurial spirit and care deeply about doing what is right—that would grow and prosper while remaining agile and dynamic.

To fulfill this purpose and truly serve others, we understand that these ideals must first be realized within FineMark itself, through the beliefs, behavior and attitudes of our leaders and our associates.

In alignment with our company’s core principles, we’re committed to honoring and serving others through our daily interactions with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those we meet through the course of every day, both at work and at home.

Social Responsibility

We believe that each individual has a responsibility to improve the world in whatever way they can, and we take this belief to heart. For us, social responsibility goes beyond mere philanthropy: it means being socially accountable and making decisions that positively impact our communities and the world at large.

Our shared values and principles, which call on us to act responsibly and with integrity—to always do what is right—underscore our deep commitment to making a difference. Through our company’s environmental awareness, sustainable practices, and social consciousness, we strive to fulfill that responsibility while enriching the lives of others every day.

Diversity & Inclusion

For decades, data has supported the value of diversity in the workplace. Studies have shown that innovation, creativity, problem-solving and productivity are increased when a company’s workforce is comprised of people from differing backgrounds.

We honor, respect, value and celebrate the different viewpoints of our clients, our colleagues, and our community partners. We welcome the solutions, opportunities and ideas that diverse thoughts can bring. Our company culture—in alignment with our vision, mission and values—supports and encourages a work environment that appreciates and admires differing points of view.

The unique perspectives, abilities and experiences of our leaders and associates are key to FineMark’s success. Our team members’ distinct qualities make it possible for us to devise creative and fresh solutions to fit our clients’ varying financial needs.

Joseph R. Catti

Chairman & CEO, FineMark National Bank & Trust

“FineMark’s vision, to make a positive impact on the individuals, families and communities we serve while being good stewards of FineMark’s resources, is more than just a statement. It’s who we are as a company and as individuals. We choose to give our time and resources because it is the right thing to do.”

Community Involvement

We believe people always come first. From our associates to our clients to our communities, we value giving back and taking care of people. We’re genuine and sincere in our commitment to serve and offer our time and resources in ways that we believe will truly make a difference to others. Since our company’s inception, we’ve pledged to positively impact others as good stewards of FineMark’s resources. We feel so strongly about this commitment that we made it our company’s vision.

In alignment with our values and our vision, we’ve fostered a strong culture of giving that extends beyond financial support. Each year, FineMark partners with local non-profit organizations in Arizona, Florida and South Carolina for community outreach and development. We also provide our associates with paid time off to pursue charitable work at the organizations that mean the most to them.

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