Our private wealth advisors and senior bankers share their knowledge on a variety of topics to help you stay informed and financially savvy. Check out these videos in our exclusive library to learn more!


Discover our unique take on what’s happening at home and abroad through Insights, FineMark’s investment video series. Our private wealth advisors answer your questions about worldwide markets and the global economy.

2021 Market Overview with FineMark's CIO

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February 9, 2021—FineMark’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Battifarano shares investment themes driving markets and FineMark’s positioning for 2021 and responds to a live Q&A.

Ep.6: FineMark's Tactical View On Gold

September 8, 2020—Question Of The Week: I understood that FineMark’s long held position was that gold was not included in their strategic asset allocation mix. So, why include it today? FineMark CIO Chris Battifarano weighs in.

Ep.5: Covid’s Effect On The S&P 500

August 24, 2020—Question Of The Week: I hear the market is doing really well, so why do I feel like I am missing out? FineMark CIO Chris Battifarano weighs in.

Ep.4: Should You Invest In Gold?

July 22, 2020—Question Of The Week: Should I invest in gold and if so, is now the time to buy? FineMark CIO Chris Battifarano weighs in.

Ep.3: Investors Looking To Generate Income

June 9, 2020—Question Of The Week: What can investors looking to generate income in this lower for longer interest rate environment do? FineMark CIO Chris Battifarano weighs in.

Ep.2: Negative Interest Rates

May 19, 2020—Question Of The Week: Will the Federal Reserve use negative rates to stimulate the economy? FineMark CIO Chris Battifarano weighs in.

Ep.1: How Are The Markets Staying Strong, When The Economy Is Bad?

May 13, 2020—Question Of The Week: How can the market continue to perform so well despite increasingly concerning economic data? FineMark CIO Chris Battifarano weighs in.


From the latest in banking technology to tips on how to protect your personal information and avoid sophisticated cyber scammers, FineMark’s senior bankers share our newest features and capabilities to safeguard your wealth.

FBI Alert: FineMark Discusses Mobile Banking App Scams

As more Americans turn to banking technology during the current pandemic, the FBI has a warning. The ease of use has also created more opportunities for cybercriminals. FineMark’s Senior Vice President of Banking, Tiffany Williams, shares ways to make mobile banking, safer.

Women's Financial Series

The Aspire video series empowers women through financial education. FineMark’s Adria Starkey shares financial wisdom that educates, inspires and enables women by instilling financial confidence.

Ep.4: Estate Planning Essentials

In FineMark’s fourth segment of Aspire, Adria Starkey explains the importance of estate planning and how being active in managing your finances can give your peace of mind.

Ep.3: Planning Your Own Future

In FineMark’s third segment of Aspire, Adria Starkey shares simple ways to track your spending, so you truly know how much you need to save for the future.
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Ep.2: Our Past Doesn't Have To Dictate Our Future

In this next segment of Aspire, FineMark’s Adria Starkey explains how, as women, our past can influence our financial mindset and how we can change it for a more positive future.

Ep.1: Why Women's Financial Lives Are Different

We are excited to share our first video segment of Aspire, FineMark’s Financial Series for Women. Adria Starkey has championed women’s financial education for decades and is now sharing her knowledge in this special series. Her first segment: Why Women’s Financial Lives are Different.

Trust & Estate

To help you understand the responsibilities that go along with becoming a trustee, FineMark’s private wealth advisors break down aspects of this important role and explain the value of proactive and proper estate planning.

Estate Planning, Beyond The Basics

Join FineMark trust advisors, Dennis Landfried, Read Sawczyn and Erin Bunnell as they cover the common mistakes trustees often make, how you can avoid them, and how to prepare if you become incapacitated.