Quarterly Investment Discussion Recording

FineMark’s CIO Chris Battifarano reviews the highlights of the quarter and shares
FineMark’s view on investment risks and opportunities prospectively.

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Discover our experts’ unique takes on what’s happening at home and abroad through Insights, FineMark’s investment video series. In this first set of videos, FineMark’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Chris Battifarano, answers your questions about worldwide markets and the global economy.

About Christopher Battifarano

Christopher T. Battifarano is a Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at FineMark National Bank & Trust since June 2016. He has 20 years of experience in asset allocation and portfolio construction. Mr. Battifarano serves on the following bank committees: Asset Liability, Investment Policy, and Trust. He is responsible for the investment process and philosophy while leading the Bank’s strategic and tactical investment recommendations.