2021 Third Quarter Investment Discussion

FineMark’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Battifarano reviewed financial highlights from the third quarter and discussed possible risks and opportunities for investors in the fourth quarter and 2022.

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About Christopher Battifarano

Christopher T. Battifarano is a Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at FineMark National Bank & Trust since June 2016. He has 20 years of experience in asset allocation and portfolio construction. Mr. Battifarano serves on the following bank committees: Asset Liability, Investment Policy, and Trust. He is responsible for the investment process and philosophy while leading the Bank’s strategic and tactical investment recommendations.

Read Chris’s Third Quarter Investment Newsletter here.

Our Experts' Perspectives

2021 Third Quarter Review & Commentary

Christopher T. Battifarano
Chief Investment Officer

It was another strong quarter for markets, but that didn’t make Q3 2021 any less predictable. Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer Chris Battifarano shares FineMark’s perspective on the quarter overall and spotlights key elements – inflation, quantitative easing, anticipated tax increases, and more – to help you understand their impacts.

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