Behavioral Finance Explained

Investment Series with Private Wealth Advisor, Paul Blatz

How your personality can impact your emotions and your investment decisions in a volatile market.
In this series, Private Wealth Advisor Paul Blatz reviews the concepts behind behavioral
finance and shares ways to remain rational over reactionary.

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Episode 1, Loss Aversion Bias

In episode one, Paul discusses Loss Aversion. The tendency to avoid losses over realizing gains. See how this fear of losing money can skew your investment decisions.

Episode 2, Anchoring Bias

In episode two, Paul discusses Anchoring. Have you ever bought a stock of a company solely because it was trading at a big discount to its all-time high? Sometimes that can lead to disappointment. Here’s why we do that…

Episode 3, Overconfidence/Hindsight

In episode three, Paul discusses Overconfidence/Hindsight. Ever felt like you were on an investing hot streak? Was it really you or maybe luck?  Have you ever correctly called a market event before? Were you able to do it again? Paul talks more about how these concepts can be detrimental to your wealth.

Episode 4, Herding Bias

In episode four, Paul talks about Herding. FOMO. Sometimes everybody’s buying it only because, well, everybody’s buying it. Doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Episode 5, Confirmation Bias

In episode five, Paul talks about Confirmation Bias. As much as we humans want to be objective, some of us only want to read articles and charts that back up what we believe to be true. Sometimes the devil’s advocate may have a point.

Episode 6, Self-Attribution Bias

In episode six, Paul goes over Self-Attribution. “When things work out its all because of me and when they don’t its because of everybody else”. But more often than not it’s a combination of both.

Paul D. Blatz, CFA

Paul Blatz is a Private Wealth Advisor and Senior Vice President for the Palm Beach and Jupiter offices of FineMark National Bank & Trust. He has over 20 years of experience in investments and portfolio management. Mr. Blatz is responsible for the presentation, implementation and management of FineMark’s investment process on behalf of his clients.

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