Planning Services


We believe that a strong financial plan provides a solid foundation for our clients to build their financial lives upon. With each component visible in one complete picture, your FineMark financial plan—customized just for you—will help manage your money, maximize your cash flow, and protect your assets now and throughout your retirement.

The true power of our personalized planning process comes from evaluating your current financial position and devising a meaningful strategy that will secure the lifestyle you want for years to come. Our planning considerations include:

Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection Planning is designed to keep your assets safe from creditors in the event that you are sued. To help protect your assets, we use various techniques such as maximizing IRA contributions, retitling assets, moving funds to an irrevocable trust, or using limited liability companies or
family limited partnerships.

Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning is often the last thing a business owner wants to think about. As unpleasant as the idea of devising a succession plan may be, taking the time to identify obstacles and create a plan with sound goals will help alleviate your concerns for the future. Whether you’re planning to sell your business or want to keep it for future generations, our professionals can help you plan for that transition.

Charitable Gift Planning

Charitable Gift Planning allows you to accomplish your charitable intent through a variety of planning strategies including gift annuities, charitable trusts, donor-advised funds, and outright gifting opportunities. We’ll work closely with you to determine which options fit your plans
and wishes best.

Educational Planning

Educational Planning for a child or grandchild can feel daunting as tuition costs for higher education continue to rise. Through proper planning, our advisors can help you find ways to cover the costs of higher education regardless of your child or grandchild’s age.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning allows you to thoughtfully and proactively design the transfer of your wealth while minimizing current and future tax impacts on your estate. Advance planning also protects your assets from unexpected health, personal and business risks, and can help ensure that your wealth continues to be well managed regardless
of life’s uncertainties.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning may seem like something you don’t need to worry about “right now”; in reality, the time to start planning is today. As the idea of retirement moves within reach, questions naturally arise: What steps should you take to ensure you can live the lifestyle you want when you stop working? Exactly how much income will you need? What do you want your legacy to be? We’ll help answer questions like these and guide you through the retirement planning process so you can
proceed with confidence.

Tools to Help You Organize Your Financial Life

Our advisors use innovative tools and resources to depict where you stand financially today and predict where you’ll be tomorrow. For example, we utilize online wealth management software to collect and display all of your financial accounts and assets onto one easy-to-read page. This software also provides interactive charts and detailed summaries that illustrate your net worth, making it easy to track your spending habits, monitor your cash flow, and review your retirement plan. Additionally, for a consolidated view of your financial picture, our advisors can pull information from any financial institution.