Our Investment Services

Investment Services

We understand that each of our clients is unique and no single investment strategy will work for every investor. That’s why we spend time getting to know you and discovering your goals, values, and charitable preferences. We invest in you by asking questions about your life, listening to your worries and concerns, and learning about your current financial situation, your risk tolerance and your dreams for the future.

Working together, we’ll design a thoughtful, tailored portfolio that’s crafted just for you. Along the way, we’ll provide you with options, flexibility and unbiased advice—always—and we’ll be there for you in the years to come.

Investment Approach

Taking everything we learn about you into consideration, we apply our governing principles to build investment solutions that fit your specific needs. As we do, we keep in mind what’s most important: preserving your wealth and helping you achieve your long-term goals.

Additionally, we’ve woven tax efficiency into our overall approach. Our advisors understand the benefits of a tax-efficient portfolio and make calculated decisions to maximize those opportunities.

We believe that this collaborative, customized approach results in greater long-term, risk-adjusted performance for our clients.

Open Architecture

Our open architecture approach
means you receive unconstrained, unbiased investment advice,
which may include external and internal strategies.

Portfolio Construction

Decisions about asset allocation and portfolio construction are based on your unique circumstances.

Risk Management

Your portfolio is designed to
optimize returns and manage downside volatility.

Tactical Asset Allocation

We tactically adjust for market conditions, which keeps your portfolio on track to meet your
needs and objectives.

Investment Platform

FineMark offers a hybrid investment platform that includes investments sourced both internally and externally. Your portfolio can be built from a mixture of options, including assets that you already own.

With no financial incentive to recommend one option over another, our advisors can construct a sound and wide-ranging portfolio that’s ideally suited for your financial situation.

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

utilize industry-leading asset managers and alternative investment managers. Our multifaceted due diligence process seeks to select high-quality managers.

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

utilize the experience and knowledge of our own investment professionals. FineMark offers two internally-created investment strategies: the Core and the Dividend. The Core strategy is designed to outperform the S&P 500; the Dividend strategy focuses on income-generating equities.

Other Owned

Other Owned

may also be included in your portfolio. Our unique management approach allows us to incorporate assets you already own such as real estate, precious metals, business interests and legacy stock positions.

Investment Implementation

FineMark believes that no one firm, including our own, can create all investment solutions. This is why we utilize an open architecture platform that allows us to choose from a fully vetted list of external managers, FineMark’s two internally managed strategies or a combination that’s right for you. Having the flexibility to choose from a variety of available investments, based on your goals and risk tolerance, enables us to create a custom portfolio.

External Managers

Investment managers who
specialize in various disciplines
and asset classes

Core Strategy

An unconstrained mandate that
focuses on total returns
within the large cap space

Dividend Strategy

A large cap mandate with a goal of generating a
yield in excess of 125% of the
Russell 1000 Value Yield

No matter what combination of assets are used to create your unique portfolio, FineMark has no economic incentive to place assets in one strategy over another. Our goal is simply to build the best portfolio to meet your goals.