At FineMark Bank & Trust, we give you every advantage by creating a comprehensive financial plan unique to you and your family. Our team dedicates time to understanding you, your current financial situation, goals and objectives. We then suggest a combination of solutions tailored to your unique situation. Your best interests come first, as we take all the necessary steps to ensure your success.

Banking & Lending
FineMark offers personal and business banking services including solutions for all your credit and lending needs. We also provide online account access with bill pay and integration with Quicken®, Quickbooks® and Microsoft Money®. Our professionals are always willing to assist you, providing you simplicity, ease of use and peace of mind. Learn more.

FineMark offers a holistic approach to investing by taking you through a process of establishing goals, gathering information, planning strategies, recommending solutions, implementing the plan and monitoring its growth. Our focus is on you and giving you the attention your situation deserves. Learn more.

Trust & Estate
Entrusting your family’s well-being to a qualified and experienced professional is one of the most important gifts you can give them. At FineMark National Bank & Trust, we have extensive fiduciary experience and the independence to make the right decisions for you and your family. We offer individual and corporate trust management services with the ability to act as a Trustee, Agent, Guardian and Personal Representative, taking an unbiased approach to making sure your wishes are executed based on your intentions now and in in the future. Learn more.

Wealth Structuring
We believe the best wealth management plans integrate all aspects of our clients’ wealth. From utilizing cash flow, to managing portfolios, to implementing wealth transfer strategies, our professionals at FineMark work together to create a comprehensive plan designed to ensure your financial future and your legacy for generations to come. Learn more.

FineMark Sports Management™
FineMark Sports Management provides highly personalized business management services to professional athletes. FineMark's primary goal is to preserve capital and ensure our client athletes maintain the high quality lifestyles they’ve worked to achieve throughout their careers. We accomplish this by overseeing their financial plans while offering objective, responsible advice related to banking, estate planning, asset management and insurance review. Our professionals will assist wherever and whenever needed. Learn more.